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Why Self Store

A view of the storage units
A view of our storage units

Ever wondered what self storage was all about? The list of benefits you can achieve from using our self storage facilities are endless.


  • Ever moved house, got stuck in a chain and needed somewhere temporary to store all your belongings?
  • What would you do if you couldn't take delivery of that new sofa? Would you cancel only to wait another 12 weeks?
  • Are you a small business such as a plumber or electrician that needs somewhere safe to store your tools/stock or even archive all that paperwork you can't destroy yet?
  • You could be just someone who has hobbies but has little room at home for golf clubs / snowboards / camping equipment or even just the barbecue gear and garden furniture you don't want cluttering the place all over the winter period.

Common uses include:

  • Furniture
  • Clothes
  • Collections - records, books, etc.
  • Archiving
  • Sports equipment

Fuzzy Lemon Self Storage

934 Bradford Road
West Yorkshire WF17 9PH


Strange But True

Man sitting reading a newspaper

One case we were made aware of was a gentleman in the south that rented a small unit only to put a chair in it. He visited the unit every day for a couple of hours to sit and read his paper in peace away from the wife. Priceless!

I needed to store some items when my mother moved house. Brilliant service!

Mike Lister, Liversedge

We Sell Packaging

You will need packaging for your storage and we can supply you with a full range including boxes, bubble-wrap, parcel tape, mattress covers, etc.

We always have special offers running so check them out.